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About Us

UCSI University Bangladesh Branch Campus has introduced 'School of Graduate Studies', a dynamic institution dedicated to pioneering new knowledge and perspectives. We focus on integrating cutting-edge technology into education, conducting impactful research, and fostering strong industry collaborations shapes an enriching academic environment. Our commitment lies in equipping students with essential skills and knowledge necessary for thriving in the global landscape.

Offering a wide array of Master's programmes tailored to meet diverse industry demands, we ensure alignment with the evolving market needs. Joining our Master's programmes means becoming part of a vast and influential network of alumni and industry connections. This network provides invaluable opportunities for mentorship, internships, and career advancement.

School of Graduate Studies comprises seasoned international experts, deeply entrenched in their respective fields. Their expertise extends beyond academia, encompassing global contract research endeavors and consultancy projects, enriching both theoretical understanding and practical applications. UCSI University Bangladesh Branch Campus is committed to academic excellence, holistic student development, and creating an environment conducive to innovation and growth.

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