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About Library

The university library is a cornerstone of our campus, providing students with an extensive array of knowledge and information across numerous disciplines. This library boasts a collection of over 2,000 books, encompassing a wide range of subjects to support the academic needs of our diverse student body.

One of the unique features of our library is the Bangabandhu Corner, dedicated to the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Additionally, our library extends beyond its physical walls with an online library facility, providing access to the vast digital resources of our Malaysian main campus. This online platform offers students the convenience of accessing a plethora of academic journals, e-books, and research databases, ensuring that learning and research are uninterrupted by geographical constraints.

Mission / Objective

UCSI University Bangladesh Branch Campus Library supports students and researchers through the power of information and learning. Collections include an extensive collection of eBooks (When the service is being introduced), print books and online resources.

Our mission is to provide excellent resources, services, and facilities to support our users' requirements to enhance teaching, learning and research at UCSI University Bangladesh Branch Campus.
  • To support the educational process and research by acquiring information resources to fulfil the needs of the University community, including its teaching and administrative staff, and its students.
  • To process, organize, arrange, and offer resources which feature high library standards and practices.
  • To provide training and learning opportunities for users to use the resources for their continuous needs.